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BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is the future for education in classrooms. It is a scheme set up to allow students to have ownership of their very own device. We have BYOD Program portal where parents are given different device options and can purchase based on their student’s needs.

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At IP Partners, we take a consultative approach to build an IT strategy that supports your business strategy. We identify your requirements, suggest a course of action, and implement a timely solution that is competitive and adds value to your business. We work to understand exactly what you need, then build a solution that works for you.

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IP Partners is a proudly Australian company with our head office based in Adelaide. With offices across the country, we provide IT products and services to clients both locally and interstate. Our complete solutions and support give us the confidence to be your technology partner of choice. Our team comprises of individuals of varying IT backgrounds and with decades of industry experience, our skills and expertise speaks for itself. All of our staff maintain a high level of training.

"The team that has been assembled at IP Partners is impeccable and all have the same helpful attitude. Their tech guys have a wealth of knowledge keeps us relying on them more and more as we go deeper down the IT rabbit hole. They are an essential part of our organisation.”

Construction Sector, (Adelaide)

"Over the last 4 years we have always received helpful and timely support by a great group of techs and engineers who know our business well."

Medical Sector, (Adelaide)

"Since we partnered with IP Partners in 2017 they have been instrumental in assisting us to transform our business with technology. From Internet Services, to Server Services to Cloud Services IP Partners has assisted us every step of the way. They have a great team and are always on hand to help."

Construction Sector, (Brisbane)

"We have been working with IP Partners now for a long time and they have become an integrated part of our business. They have assisted us in moving and have helped us keep abreast of all technology changes so we can keep up to speed with all our own industry changes. They are a great group of people who we enjoy working with."

Medical Sector, (Melbourne)

“The IT Support service provided by Technicians of IP Partners is highly valued and greatly appreciated, providing reactive and proactive solutions to ensure a safe and secure IT environment”

Education Sector, (Adelaide)

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