Data UP

Data UP is the Cloud-centered arm of IP Partners, and is a key element in the delivery of a number of our solutions.

Like IP Partners, it is a proudly Australian company, which specialises in the provision of Cloud, WAN and Telecommunications solutions to clients in the Education and Corporate sectors locally and interstate.

With Data Centre locations around Australia, Data UP is able to offer flexible solutions to suit your needs. 

Data UP can:

  • Provide data links from a diverse range of vendors including Amcom and iiNet
  • Lease servers or place your servers into a Data Centre
  • Host telephone solutions in the Cloud
  • Provide flexibility in software licensing

Data UP was born from a desire to meet the needs of small business, and as such the solutions offered were aimed at providing a cost-effective method of getting their data offsite with minimal fuss.  Clients wished to concentrate on their business, and leverage technology to achieve their goals, therefore the solutions developed fit their bill, as they were fixed cost, end-to-end solutions.

Data UP has since grown and established relationships with leading Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Telecommunications Providers (Telcos).  Now, Data UP is able to leverage their solutions and deliver them to clients at a reduced price, when compared to purchasing direct from the ISPs and Telcos.  These relationships are mutually beneficial, with the ISPs and Telcos benefiting from the use of their service, and clients benefiting from access to a very attractive solution that is within their budget.

Data UP is our specialist in:

  • Moving to the Cloud
  • Hosted Services
  • Offsite Backup
  • Office 365 and Azure
  • Voice and Hosted PBX

Data UP Solutions

Moving To The Cloud

The decision to move to the Cloud is an increasingly popular one for a number of reasons, however can still be a daunting process. Should you decide to pursue this path, IP Partners is able to manage the movement of your data to the Cloud via Data UP. Whether you are looking to move all data to the Cloud or just elements such as your email server, IP Partners can manage the whole process to minimise complication and disruption.

Here, it is important to be aware of which applications can be moved to the Cloud, as well as the cost benefits and limitations imposed. Our knowledge allows us to guide you through the process to develop a deployment strategy that is best suited to your operations.

Applications that are typically Cloud suited include:

  • Exchange servers
  • Terminal servers
  • Disaster recovery or fail-over servers