Data Up

IP Partners has partnered with a number of industry-leading firms to bring our customers unique solutions that are tailored to their needs. ne of which is Data Up

Why Data Up?

  • End-To-End
    • DataUP offers end-to-end solutions, meaning we can satisfy all of your Cloud, WAN and Telecommunication requirements under one roof. Whether it be moving your data to the Cloud, or consolidating your communications expenses to a single bill, DataUP is your go to.
  • Fuss Free
    • Solutions that work as they should the first time, every time. We stand by our work and ensure that what we deliver meets your requirements. We focus on your needs, so you can focus on your operations.
  • Customized Solutions
    • We don’t operate under the assumption that ‘one size fits all’ This is unrealistic and fails to acknowledge the diverse needs of our clients. We recognize that each client is unique, and therefore solutions need to be specifically tailored to their requirements. We aren’t in business to sell you any solution, we want to work with you to develop the right solution.

We Help IT Companies Scale Engineering Capacity

DataUP was born from a desire to meet the needs of small businesses. The solutions offered are aimed at providing a cost-effective method of getting data offsite with minimal fuss. Clients wished to concentrate on their business, and leverage technology to achieve their goals. Therefore, the solutions developed fit their bill, as they were fixed cost and end-to-end.

DataUP has since grown and established relationships with leading Internet Service Providers (ISP) and Telecommunication Providers (Telcos). Now, DataUP is able to leverage their solutions and deliver them to clients at a reduced price, when compared to purchasing direct from the ISP’s and Telcos. These relationships are mutually beneficial, with the ISP’s and Telcos benefitting from the use of their service, and clients benefitting from access to a very attractive solution that is within their budget.

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