Google Feature Alerts Compromised Passwords

Password managers such as Google Password Manager and LastPass are very handy when it comes to storing strong passwords. When creating strong passwords, sometimes it’s difficult to remember them all as we have so many accounts on different websites!  Having a strong password is essential to keep data and information safe from getting into the wrong hands. Lucky for us, Google has come up with a solution to keep passwords safer and stronger in their latest update.

Google’s Solution for Stronger Passwords

Google’s announcement informed users of new features to its password manager. One of these features is Google’s Duplex machine learning system. This machine learning feature looks out if a user is using the same password for multiple websites.

Many of us use the same password for multiple accounts or slight variations. This is bad password practice, as a common tactic hackers use is credential stuffing. Credential stuffing is when a hacker gains access to a password, then tries the same password and variations of it on multiple accounts. Therefore, if we have the same password or variations for different accounts, this leaves us vulnerable if our password is leaked or compromised.

Additional Features

For users on Chrome, if Google finds a password that has been leaked or compromised, a “change password” button appears encouraging users to immediately update their password. Google Assistant and Duplex machine learning will automatically take users through the process of creating a new password for accounts they identify with leaked passwords.

Not all websites support this feature yet. Google has stated that as a result of Safety Check, Chromes existing password protection tool, it has seen a 37% reduction in compromised credentials stored in Chrome. Google’s new features will make their tool a strong alternative to other password management tools to protect users’ data.

The aim of Google Password Manager is to make it easier for users to identify any passwords that could be stronger and take action. As it’s essential to have strong passwords and Google is helping users prevent the consequences of poor password management. The features are expected to become available to more users and on more sites in the coming months.

If you’re not using a password manager with generated passwords, click here to read our list of 7 tips to creating strong passwords.

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