The Importance of Patching

You may want to think twice before you tell your device to remind you to update tomorrow, for the 10th day in a row… Let’s be honest, our devices have been asking us to update for months, it’s just a hassle. Updating our devices keep our devices up to date and reduce the risk of being hacked.

When a vulnerability in an update is identified, software vendors create patches that can repair this flaw in the update. Patching is very important for cyber security, as it fixes any vulnerabilities the new update may have brought upon your device.

Software vendors create patches to fix bugs, general issues with operating systems, update applications installed, hardware drivers and even to introduce new features. Not installing patches can leave vulnerabilities in your device, making you an easy target for hackers. Good practice is to install patches as soon as they become available and turn on auto updates.

An analogy is to think of patching like this;

If we parked our car in a neighborhood that is known for break-ins, it would be a no brainer to think about the security of our car. When we don’t update our devices, it’s as if we are leaving our valuables in our car, with the windows open and doors unlocked.

Essentially, patching helps add a layer of security, to reduce the risk of a hacker getting into your device.

As the remote workforce is growing, it’s very important to update our devices when these updates are available. Devices are connecting to unknown or open networks, posing an increased risk to companies. Benefits of patching is avoiding stolen data, fines, damaged reputation, loss of client trust and business revenue.

Next time your device reminds you it’s time for an update, don’t put it off for too long, as keeping your devices up to date reduces the risk of being hacked. Check for patches from software vendors if you don’t have auto updates on, as it assists to fix vulnerabilities in your device. Waiting a few minutes for your device to restart to update or install patches is worth not risking your personal or company data, from being hacked and leaked.


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