What to do if you click on a suspicious link

Our lives are getting busier and busier, who has the time to carefully read every single email? The downfall to this is accidentally opening a BEC attack or phishing email, and clicking on a link! But don’t worry, we can help. Here are four steps you should take immediately if you click on a suspicious link.

  1. Disconnect from the internet immediately

You must immediately disconnect from the internet if you click on a suspicious link. This reduces the risk of potential malware spreading to other devices on your network. It also helps protect you from cybercriminals leaking your sensitive information, and them remotely accessing your device.

  1. Back up your device

Now you are disconnected from the cyber world, it’s time to back up all your files. It’s good practice to regularly back up all your files, in case of unfortunate events such as this. Back up all sensitive documents and irreplaceable files, such as family photos and videos.

  1. Scan your device for malware

You have a couple options to scan you device for malware. You can take it to an IT professional or you can run anti-virus software, such as Norton or McAfee. You may get a message that it cannot run without internet. You can proceed this scan without internet connection.

  1. Change your passwords

If a cybercriminal accessed your device, they may have gained your usernames, passwords and other sensitive information. It is very important that you change your passwords, as cybercriminals may try to use tactics such as credential stuffing to use the same password in multiple of your accounts. If you would like tips to making a strong password, click here.

We advise you take these four steps immediately if you accidentally click on a suspicious link. All these steps can help you stop the spread of the potential malware on your device, and onto other devices connected to your network. At IP Partners, we offer unlimited helpdesk calls for our contracted clients, and are able to assess whether emails are suspicious or not for you. Call us on (08) 7200  5524 or email sales@ippartners.com.au to discuss how we can assist you!

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