Locally, IP Partners provides managed services to a school in Adelaide’s east with approximately 650 students.  The school has a strong commitment to maximising teaching and learning through ICT, therefore requires constant access to the network, as well as a contact to assist if any issues should arise.

The school was faced with a challenge when its IT Technician was leaving and a suitable replacement for the position could not be found.  Given that IP Partners had worked in partnership with the school previously, we were able to negotiate a contract to provide managed services to the site.


Now, IP Partners is in contact with the school five days a week.  Our engineers essentially act as the IT Technician for the school, with contact hours spent managing the network, as well as completing additional IT-related tasks around the school as required.


This arrangement benefited the school as it saved time recruiting and training an internal technician, with the ongoing relationship allowing access to the wide-ranging skill set of IP Partners engineers.

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