IP Partners has a long-standing relationship with an Adelaide-based corporate client who, until recently had no IT manager or staff.  The absence of internal IT staff presented a challenge as the client has a large, international customer base, and therefore required up to date technology and timely resolution of any issues which interrupted operations.


Prior to the employment of internal IT personnel, IP Partners engineers performed a wide range of tasks, including all infrastructure maintenance, upgrades and end user support.  IP Partners now provides second level support to the client and assists the IT manager and technicians, with a presence onsite five days a week and via our Helpdesk.

The client also employs a Data UP offsite backup and disaster recovery solution, which is managed by IP Partners.


The close partnership between IP Partners and the client has facilitated effective training and induction of incoming staff, with ongoing support easing the transition.  In addition to maintaining management duties, IP Partners also continues to participate in enterprise architecture planning.

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