IP Partners provides managed services at a remote R-12 school with around 200 students. The school curriculum involves lessons being delivered face-to-face, via Open Access and through the use of ICT.  As a result, it is vital that the school’s technology is up to date, so that it may facilitate student development and the achievement of excellence, a key pillar of the school’s mission.


The school sought out IP Partners when it required a network and server upgrade.  This involved replacing a number of old custom-built computers with Acer All-in-One desktops, building a new Active Directory Domain and replacing the legacy DER service.  In addition, Cisco server and switching technology was also used.  This was undertaken with the assistance of the school’s IT Technicians.


Now, the relationship has continued and we provide managed services to the school, either onsite or via phone.  Given the school’s remote location, services are usually provided over the phone, with access via VPN.

The upgrades have meant that the school’s technology infrastructure is capable of meeting the demands of the curriculum, with the school also benefiting from the ability to access ongoing support from our engineers.

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