At IP Partners, our engineers are highly skilled and relish the opportunity to undertake project work.  One such project IP Partners has undertaken was completed at a local private school with approximately 600 students.  Faced with aging technology which was unable to meet the requirements of the school, IP Partners was engaged to perform a wide ranging project, covering multiple aspects of the school’s network, switching and wireless.


The project was conducted over a one month period by a senior IP Partners engineer and involved overhauling the existing network and replacing all server infrastructure, as well as reconfiguring existing switching and wireless.  The school’s existing internet security appliance was also updated as it was previously unable to enforce Google SafeSearch and did not support SSL inspection.  In addition, the project also involved deployment of SCCM, development of a new Windows image and creation of a new domain.


The project was completed successfully and has bought the school’s technology up to date, with staff and students benefiting greatly.  IP Partner has not been required to conduct any follow up or further work.

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