Auditing Services


We assist in the crucial role of helping businesses protect their IT assets by providing a range of services and solutions that enhance cybersecurity measures. The first step is conducting an information technology (IT) audit.

What Does an IT Audit Do?

IT audits enable us to get a true picture of your infrastructure, enabling the most appropriate solution to be developed that addresses your requirements. These may have a general broad scope, or be focused on a particular aim or issue, such as assessing readiness for a BYOD solution.

Keeping up with IT audits is essential for modern organizations as most records, services, and operations are now computerized. With sensitive policies and data stored on networks and systems, it is crucial to ensure that all of it is safe from any loss or mistake. By conducting an IT audit, your organizations will set objectives to work towards. This ensures that they are not only running efficiently but also mitigating the risks of data tampering, loss or leakage, service disruption, and poor systems management.


Examples of auditing services IP Partners provides:

    • Servers’ inspection.
    • Network assessment.
    • Power and Surge Protection (UPS).
    • Data backups.
    • PCs and Laptops assessment.

After examining and evaluating the business’ data, hardware, and software, IP Partners will be able to ensure that:

    • All controls and processes are working correctly.
    • All data is safe and secure.
    • Risks are minimized.
    • All processes comply with the IT-specific laws and standards.
    • Any inefficiencies within the network are identified and plans are created to rectify.

We also assess:

    • The robustness of infrastructure and if it’s fit for use and perceived performance.
    • The security of systems and networks including a policy review.
    • The scalability and planned performance improvements for future needs.
    • The identification of possible operational/ design risks.

Upon completion of the IT audit and assessment, we create a report that outlines recommendations and remedy prioritisation. This can be extremely beneficial when planning for long term operation and growth of your business.

At IP Partners, we understand that every organization has unique needs, and we tailor our solutions to address those specific requirements. By conducting an audit, and developing an accurate picture of an organization’s infrastructure, we create the most appropriate solution to meet your company’s needs. Whether an organization requires a general, broad scope audit, or needs to focus on a specific aim, we have the expertise and resources to deliver customized solutions.

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