Auditing Services

Auditing Services is the examination and evaluation of an organisations information and technology infrastructure, policies and operations.

It determines whether IT Controls protects corporate assets to ensure data integrity and are aligned with business overall goes. IP Partners IT Audits examine not only the physical security controls but also the overall business and financial controls that involve information technology systems.

In order to assess your requirements and tailor a solution specific to the unique needs of your organisation, IP Partners regularly conduct audits.

These enable us to get a true picture of your infrastructure, enabling the most appropriate solution to be developed that addresses your requirements.

These may have a general, broad scope, or be focused toward a particular aim, such as assessing readiness for a BYOD solution. Included in our typical systems audit is:

  • Servers
  • Network
  • Power and Surge Protection (UPS)
  • Backups
  • PCs and Laptops

We will also review:

  • Robustness of infrastructure, fit for use and perceived performance
  • Security of networks and systems, including a review of policy
  • Scalability and planned performance improvements for future needs
  • Identification of possible operational and design risks

A report documenting recommendations and prioritised remediation actions will be provided upon completion of the audit, which can also guide longer-term planning for your organisation.

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