Education Services

At IP Partners, we provide education services to both public and private schools


BYOD portal for schools

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is the future for education in classrooms. It is a scheme set up to allow students to have ownership of their very own device. We have BYOD Program portal where parents are given different device options and can purchase based on their student’s needs. 

Features of our BYOD program includes:

  • Our portal, which is available to all students and schools  
  • Allow schools to select their own recommended devices to their own page  
  • Ability to purchase accessories and extend your warranty  
  • Easy to use payment systems  
  • Fast shipment and great after-sales service 


24/7 Help desk services  

Our leading and experienced IT support help desk is ready to help you with anything. Just give us a call, we are able to help you work with various systems, cyber security programs and business solutions…  

What we can help  

  • Helpdesk with unlimited number of calls and tickets 
  • Remote monitor IT systems  
  • Complete IT solutions  
  • Manage IT systems (Endpoints, Network, Servers, Emails, Mobile devices, Databases)  
  • Cyber Security Programs 


Website and mobile app management 

School websites and mobile apps provide various information for both school-related and non-school-related people. Students and teachers could access their individual portals for campus information, academic support and technical support. Other visitors could view the school introduction, enrolment requirements…   

 Our school website and mobile app management program provides,  

  • Create new website and mobile app  
  • Create new teachers and students portal  
  • Manage the existing portal based on your needs  
  • Optimise the existing portal  

 Our websites and mobile apps provide the functions of,  

  • Basic functions (School information pages, student and teacher portals)  
  • Customised functions  

Website and Mobile app maintenance support

  • Maintenance and updates   
  • Regular backups
  • Help-desk assistance


Interactive whiteboards for classrooms  

Compared to traditional whiteboards, interactive whiteboards provide the advantage of better collaboration. It allows multiple people to interact with the whiteboard (take notes, annotate contents…) more collaboratively.  

For more and detailed information, please watch the video below or contact us.   

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