Project Management


Consulting services such as disaster recovery audits, network audits, upgrades, and database consultations, can provide significant benefits to businesses.

Given our vast range of technical and consulting experience at IP Partners we often engage in a management or advisory role for many of our clients. We are able to provide professional consulting and project management services for clients who wish to use us as an external party advisory.


Previous projects we have managed include:

    • Network segmentation projects (VLANs)
    • Wide Area Network integration with telcos
    • Storage implementations (NAS/SANs)
    • Large UPS implementations (single and 3-phase)

Consulting and Project Management Services Available:

Disaster recovery audits: Evaluating a business’s ability to recover from a disaster or disruption, such as a cyber-attack, natural disaster, or power outage. The audit may involve reviewing backup and recovery procedures, testing disaster recovery plans, and identifying potential areas of weakness in the current system. By conducting a disaster recovery audit, businesses can ensure that they have effective plans and procedures in place to minimize downtime and data loss in the event of a disaster, which can help protect their reputation and bottom line.

Network audits and upgrades: Assessing a business’s current network infrastructure to identify potential vulnerabilities, performance issues, and areas for improvement. This can include reviewing network architecture, security protocols, and hardware and software configurations. Based on the audit findings, recommendations may be made for network upgrades or changes that can improve network reliability, speed, and security. By conducting a network audit and making necessary upgrades, businesses can improve their network performance, reduce downtime, and enhance data security.

Database consultations: Providing expertise and advice on database management and optimization. This can include reviewing database design, performance tuning, and database security. By optimizing database performance and security, businesses can improve data access and reliability, reduce the risk of data breaches, and enhance their overall operations.


These services can help your business evaluate and improve its technology infrastructure and operations. By identifying areas of weakness and making necessary upgrades or changes, businesses can improve performance, reduce downtime, and enhance data security, which would lead to improved efficiency and bottom line outcomes.

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