7 Tips to Creating Strong Passwords

Yes, we’ve all done it, reused the same password for multiple accounts. It’s easy and convenient, but unfortunately if this password gets into the wrong hands, we’ve lost everything!

Lucky for the both of us, I’ve collated a list of top tips to creating strong passwords.

  1. Use a meaningful sentence
    • For example, “this little piggy went to market” and turn it into “tlpWENT2m”. This strategy can help you remember your passwords better and also make it more difficult for others to guess your password.
  2. Never reuse a password
    • This is rule 101 of passwords. We should never reuse a password for multiple accounts and should also be updating them regularly. When was the last time you updated your passwords? If you can’t remember, I suggest it’s time for an update.
  3. Use a password vault
    • Password vaults can be really handy for storing all your passwords in one place. They can also auto generate strong passwords for you (combinations of letters, numbers and symbols).
    • When you go to sign into your account, the password vault can autofill your information, making it convenient and easy to manage all these passwords!
    • Password vaults that you can use are LastPass, 1Password, Bitwarden and Dashlane.
  4. Use two-factor authentication
    • Using two-factor authentication is a great way to protect your accounts, as it requires your password and then a verification code from your phone or email.
  5. Check every site you visit before creating a new strong password
    • Before changing your passwords on any website, make sure you double check if it is secure and legitimate.
  6. Avoid using personal information such as birthdays
    • Information such as birthdays, middle names and favourite sports team are not good words to use for passwords.
  7. Avoid common passwords
    • The Private Bank of America has provided a list of popular passwords to avoid. These include;
      • 123456
      • Password
      • Sunshine
      • iloveyou

We hope you found these password tips useful for protecting your accounts online. Keep these tips in mind when creating and updating new passwords to maintain strong cyber protection.


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