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Are your company IT assets Protected

Many companies of varying sizes are spending more and more on IT products, as technology continues to evolve1. With a significant range of benefits that these products can bring to their businesses, it would be unwise to not embrace such technologies.

What many don’t realise however, is that when spending significant amounts on IT products, systems and services, that it is just as important, if not more that these systems are secure, reliable and protected from any cyber-attacks that may occur.

This is where we can help you!

Here at IP Partners, we can conduct an audit for you. If you’re a little unsure what this term means or involves don’t worry!

Put simply an IT audit is “the examination and evaluation of an organisation’s IT infrastructure, policies and operations”2. By conducting an audit, your company can rest assured that not only are all the information related controls and processes are working correctly but that

  • All of the systems and processes are secure and reliable2
  • All risks are minimised2
  • All processes comply with the IT-specific laws, policies and standards2
  • Help identify any inefficiencies or excess within the network1

It is important to stay up – to – date with your IT audits. As like most organisations now, records, services and operations are now computerised. With so much data and sensitive policies and information stored on our networks and systems, it is essential that we know that it is all safe from any loss or mistake. By undertaking an IT audit, you are ensuring that your organisation has an objective or goal, that it can work towards1. Having an external company assess and test your IT equipment and procedures, you are able to ensure that your systems are not only running efficiently, but that the risks of data tampering, loss or leakage, service disruption and/or poor systems management, are greatly reduced1. Ensuring that your organisation can work effectively to achieve the desired goal.

At IP Partners we will work with you to assess your requirements and tailor a solution specifically to the unique needs of your organisation. Conducting an audit will allow us to develop a true picture of your infrastructure, enabling the most appropriate solution that addresses your requirements, to be created3. Whether you require a “general, broad scope or need to be focussed towards a particular aim, such as assessing the readiness for a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Solution”3, we have you covered!

We assess a range of systems in our IT audit, including servers, networks, power and surge protection (UPS), backups, PC’s and laptops3. Our staff also take our audits one step further, and review:

  • The robustness of infrastructure, if it’s fit for use and perceived performance
  • The security of both systems and networks including a policy review
  • The scalability and planned performance improvements for future needs
  • The identification of possible operational and design risks.”3

Upon completion of our assessment of your IT infrastructure, we will create a report, that documents recommendations and prioritised remediation actions3. All of which can work as a guide for your organisation when planning for the long term3.

So if your company hasn’t had an IT audit completed in the last few years, or you’re wanting to change your focus, or you just want the assurance that your systems are reliable, adequately managed and protected, why not give us a call today, to find out how WE can help YOU!


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