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How IT Automation Improves your Workflow Efficiency

In today’s fast-paced business environment, automation is becoming increasingly important in streamlining business processes and improving productivity. IT automation is one such process that sets rules for IT tasks so that they can be completed, automatically or upon trigger, by a machine.


What is IT Automation?

IT automation replaces manual tasks with automatic ones in important areas such as data centres, cloud deployments, service desks, and development. It leaves humans to work in areas of IT where their efforts are better spent, such as strategizing or developing, and not on rote tasks like password resets.


IT Automation vs Orchestration

IT automation and orchestration are related but not the same. IT automation implies making a routine task automatically repeatable, whereas orchestration is the process of doing this across an entire process or practice so that operations are performed better and more securely as a whole.


Benefits of IT Automation

Automations help businesses save time on repetitive and time-consuming tasks, improving resource management and making processes more efficient. Here are some of the benefits of IT automation:

  • Save time: Automating business processes saves time by streamlining repetitive tasks, performing work in a fraction of the time it’d take a person to do. Business leaders believe automated processes could save roughly 360 hours every year.
  • Improve resource management: A manual process requires more resources. But with automations in place, your processes are shorter making them take less time, money, and materials to get done. Research shows that 59% of businesses saw their costs reduced by more than 10% when they automated repetitive tasks.
  • Make your processes more efficient: Automation can make your business processes more efficient. For example, automating lead allocation to different sales reps can save the head of sales a couple of hours every day. This frees up their time to focus on business-critical, strategic tasks.


Long-term Effects of IT Automation

IT automation can also have long-term effects on the workforce, increasing self-reliance among employees, raising their expectations for their employer, and improving customer experiences.

  • Employees will become increasingly self-reliant: With employees able to use the applications they need and get their questions or requests addressed quickly with the help of a bot, they’ll rely less on IT. This allows IT to focus more of its time on business-critical, strategic tasks.
  • Employees will have higher expectations for their employer: New hires will expect to get access to their apps right from the start, employees will expect that they can get their day-to-day questions and concerns addressed without human involvement, and they will expect that their tickets get resolved quickly. IT automation plays an essential role in meeting your employees’ needs and wants.
  • Customer experiences will improve: With engineers working faster and smarter in resolving any issues, customers are set to receive improved product experiences consistently.


Why is IT Automation a Growing Trend? 

The speed at which organizations now work, and the rise of the DevOps way of working, fuel the need for automation. IT leaders need talent working on strategic priorities today, not tedious work that can be automated. Automation can help with employee retention, as IT people whose companies keep them doing drudge work are more likely to resign for a more innovative environment where they can grow their careers.


In conclusion, IT automation can bring numerous benefits to businesses, making processes more efficient, improving resource management, and freeing up employees to work on more critical tasks. As automation becomes increasingly important, businesses that adopt it are more likely to retain top talent and improve customer experiences.


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