Something You Need to Know About IT Project Management

IT project management involves overseeing software development, hardware installation, network upgrades, business analysis and data management and other tasks involved in implementing IT services. [indeed, 2022]

IT projects are dynamic, and technology continually advances, so it’s essential to keep projects flexible and easy to use. IT projects were completed on time and within budget to achieve their goals. Users can use IT project management to develop clear strategies that are critical to the success of a particular enterprise project.

5 phases of IT Project Management

You can use the five phases of IT project management as an IT project engineer to accomplish complex tasks more effectively. Each phase has a project cycle and different milestones. You can use these five phases no matter what kind of IT project. [Asana, n.d]

  • Initiation, project proposals are created based on the project’s requirements. The project proposal must be feasible for the team and the company while ensuring that the project is given a reasonable amount of time and resources. [Asana, n.d]
  • Planning, working collaboratively between the project manager and the team, including budgeting, risk assessment, and creating clear goals for what you hope to accomplish. [Asana, n.d]
  • Execution of the execution phase of the project. IT project managers accomplish project milestones by assigning tasks and maintaining open communication among all team members. [Asana, n.d]
  • Monitor and Control, use project management software to track the team’s progress in real-time. This includes monitoring the project’s timing, cost, scope, quality and risk. [Asana, n.d]
  • Closure, this phase is critical to ensure that all work has been done and to spend some time reviewing lessons learned during the project so that your team can review and improve the approach for the future. [Asana, n.d]

The Benefits of IT Project Management

Both the project team and the client will benefit from IT project management, and understanding these benefits is essential to working on different IT projects [SearchCIO, n.d]:

  • Enhanced Productivity is essential to reduce daily consumption, improve services and reduce investment, which helps enhance corporate profitability.
  • Enhanced status and competitive advantage, doing well on a project may help you gain a market share. A competitive edge is often crucial to achieving more customers and increasing brand loyalty. [SearchCIO, n.d]
  • Enhanced team development and growth, IT project management allows people to leverage positive results and provide your team with confidence and motivation for skill development. IT project management can help newbies adapt to unfamiliar roles in a potential career change. [SearchCIO, n.d]
  • For better risk assessment, IT project management guides successful project completion and better risk assessment. [SearchCIO, n.d]

Tips for IT Project Management

Whether you are an IT project manager or a team member, the following tips can help you succeed in IT project management:

  • Use IT management software, and try to control your project’s direction by using tools that track your progress in real time, so choose the right tool for you during the planning phase. [indeed, 2022]
  • Understanding your team, knowing the skills of each team member and understanding each person’s contributions can help IT project managers allocate responsibilities effectively. Managers often want to assign tasks to employees who can meet deadlines and deliver quality work. [indeed, 2022]
  • Perform a project review. Consider doing a review at the end of the project to identify any necessary improvements. It also allows you to determine what went well and what strategies you can use for follow-up projects. [indeed, 2022]

What IP Partner can do

In IP Partners, we give our vast range of technical expertise and are often engaged in a management or advisory role. We can provide consulting and project management services for clients who wish to use us as an external party advisory.

Call us on (08) 7200 5524 or email to discuss how we can help you manage and assist with your IT needs!


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