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The Impact of Wireless Networks on Business

Wireless networks allow devices to stay connected to the network but not tied to any wires. The access point amplifies the Wi-Fi signal so that the device can be away from the router but still connected to the network. You link to that business’s wireless network when you connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot in a cafe, hotel, airport lounge, or other public places [Cisco, 2019].

Nowadays, a Wi-Fi connection is a certainty no matter where we are. Wireless networks are so widely used that they have become a business necessity [Cheetham, n.d].

Why wireless connection is better than wired

Wireless networks offer convenience, mobility, productivity, ease of setup, scalability, security, and low cost. In contrast, wired networks require high-speed Ethernet cables to connect the router to the device you will be using the Internet to connect to.

While it is true that in the past, wired connections were considered faster and more secure than wireless networks, this is no longer the case due to continuous improvements in wireless network technology [Cheetham, n.d].

How wireless tech changed the business

Wireless technology was revolutionary when it first came out, and it has had a significant impact on our lives, helping us stay connected on the go. The business sector has improved thanks to wireless technology dramatically.

  • Improvement of communication one of the most significant benefits wireless technologies bring to the business is improved communication. Colleagues can now send instant messages to each other, no matter where they are. This allows for faster collaboration and helps quickly identify and resolve potential problems [EBR, 2019].
  • Increased flexibility it’s also true that wireless technology helps improve business flexibility. A specific location does not bind employees who work in offices. They can access the web wherever they are, helping them to work more productively [EBR, 2019].
  • Better efficiency as wireless technology speeds up work and communication and it increases efficiency. This helps increase customer satisfaction while also assisting businesses to generate more profits [EBR, 2019].

Wireless Advantages in Business

Having Wi-Fi in your office or remote location can provide many productivity benefits, and it can also save you money.

  • Increasing collaboration, no matter where employees can be in the office, they still have access to key files and information and can efficiently work in teams or small groups. This can help reduce delays and increase productivity [Spooner, 2017].
  • Better remote access, as more business work on the road or out of the office, installing a dedicated hot spot via a mobile device can help employees avoid clogged and slow Wi-Fi connections. Hot spots can also help employees avoid the cost of Wi-Fi access at hotels, conferences, and other venues [Spooner, 2017].
  • Flexible work arrangements, allowing employees to work part or all of the time without being in the office, allow companies to offer flexible work structures, including the ability to telecommute part (or even all) of the time. This helps attract and retain top talent [Spooner, 2017].

What IP Partners can do

In IP Partners, we give our vast range of technical expertise and are often engaged in a management or advisory role. We can provide wireless connection help for clients who wish to use us as an external party advisory.

Call us on (08) 7200 5524 or email sales@ippartners.com.au to discuss how we can help you manage and assist with your IT needs!

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