Why You Should Care About 5G – Future Proof Your Business

Besides being able to download the latest episodes of your favourite show faster, why should you care about the shutdown of 3G in Australia and the new 5G roll out?


Looking back at the introduction of 4G it is clear to see what a difference it made on the way we live, shop, move, and run our businesses. 4G allowed for services like uber to exist, fuelled social medias exponential growth, and bought educational opportunities to millions of remote areas around the world. It can only be expected that the roll out of 5G will bring similar revolutionary changes and opportunities to our world and the way it operates.


Pushing wireless broadband performance to new heights will likely benefit businesses even more then consumers. Companies that were previously limited to employing 4G LTE as a failover for critical traffic can now utilize 5G for all failover needs. Organizations utilizing wireless video for facial recognition can upgrade to machine recognition technology. Additionally, firefighters who currently rely on cellular sensors can now have building diagrams fed into their masks, allowing for virtual visibility through smoke.


But why is 3G Ending?

In June 2024, 3G will end in Australia which is a significant moment in the country’s mobile communication landscape. While 3G was a significant advancement in its time, the evolution of mobile networks has rendered it obsolete. At this point, 3G is just taking up space in the limited radio spectrum, hindering the efficiency of 4G and upcoming 5G services. This ultimately led to the decision to discontinue 3G.

You should be aware that failing to switch to 4 or 5G before June can result in disruptions, reduced connectivity, incompatibility, and loss of IoT deployments. Make the shift and unlock faster and more reliable connectivity.


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