IP Partners is now a part of the Site IT Support (SITS) Panel, a pre-selected panel of providers by the Department for Education for public schools in South Australia. This means that all services provided by IP Partners have been evaluated, as well as ensuring that pricing remains

Our Solutions


We offer a holistic approach to managed services, and our fixed fee structure ensures clients have coverage for:

  • Onsite server and desktop support
  • Server and infrastructure support and maintenance
  • Network monitoring
  • Centralised Australian Helpdesk

In education, we have experience in both public and private schools.  We can provide administration and curriculum support, with the expertise to manage greater granularity networks with separate server and wireless VLANs.  Further, we ensure compliance with all DECD SIA standards.

For our corporate clients, offer access to antivirus and antispam with monitoring, as well as hosted solutions, including hybrid Cloud.

The IP Partners team has experience with specific health software including Medical Director, Pracsoft, Zedmed, Genie and Best Practice.

Data UP Solutions

Moving To The Cloud

The decision to move to the Cloud is an increasingly popular one for a number of reasons, however can still be a daunting process. Should you decide to pursue this path, IP Partners is able to manage the movement of your data to the Cloud via Data UP. Whether you are looking to move all data to the Cloud or just elements such as your email server, IP Partners can manage the whole process to minimise complication and disruption.

Here, it is important to be aware of which applications can be moved to the Cloud, as well as the cost benefits and limitations imposed. Our knowledge allows us to guide you through the process to develop a deployment strategy that is best suited to your operations.

Applications that are typically Cloud suited include:

  • Exchange servers
  • Terminal servers
  • Disaster recovery or fail-over servers